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That's how much you could earn in Feed-In Tariff (FiT) Payments plus your electricity savings over 25 years

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Figures shown are estimates based on the expected lifetime performance of a 4kWh SunPower Solar PV System, with Feed-In Tariff payments over 20 years and electricity savings over 25 years, and using official MCS UK irradiance data. This estimate has been produced using industry-standard modelling methods, but it is impossible to guarantee the future performance of any solar system; as such, this estimate should be used as an indicator of potential future returns, and not an official quotation. A detailed site survey could produce different results, and as such Eco nrg Ltd cannot be held responsible for any decisions made based on the estimate figures provided in this application. Inflation factors of 2% (feed-in tariff) and 5% (electricity) have been used to simulate future financial value of payback and savings. The following rates have been used, and are accurate as of February 2018: FiT generation tariff, 3.83p/kWh; FiT export tariff, 4.91p/kWh; cost of electricity, 16p/kWh. It has been assumed that 50% of generated energy is exported to the grid at the FiT export tariff rate, and 50% of generated energy contributes to energy bill savings; savings could be higher for properties that consume a higher proportion of generated energy, or that install an energy storage solution.

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